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Introducing Ro

In the dynamic world of telehealth, Ro stands as a beacon of innovation, offering patient-driven healthcare solutions that are both accessible and personalized. With a commitment to leveraging technology to bridge the gaps in traditional healthcare, Ro has established itself as a trusted partner for patients seeking convenience and quality care. However, amidst the rapid advancements and growing patient base, Ro encountered challenges related to campaign performance variability and the complexity of their campaign structures.

The Challenge

Inconsistent Performance

Ro’s journey to excellence was marked by hurdles, with significant variations in campaign performance. These inconsistencies were not just numerical fluctuations but represented a deeper issue related to engagement, reach, and conversion optimization.

Complex Campaign Structure

Ro’s Facebook account was a mosaic of multiple campaign structures. Each structure, though effective in its own right, contributed to a fragmented view of performance metrics and insights, complicating the optimization process.

Our Approach


Campaign Structure Analysis

Our first step was a meticulous examination of the existing campaign structures. We dissected each campaign to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and contribution to the overall performance variability.

Performance Metrics Evaluation

We delved into the data, analyzing each metric to draw correlations between campaign structures, content strategies, and performance outcomes.


Identifying Inconsistencies

Our analysis revealed specific patterns of inconsistencies. We identified the campaigns and content strategies that were underperforming and those that showed potential for scalability.

Audience Engagement Insights

We also focused on audience engagement metrics, seeking to understand the underlying factors that influenced audience interactions, click-through rates, and conversions.


Streamlining Facebook Campaigns

Armed with insights from the audit and analysis stages, we embarked on a mission to consolidate the fragmented campaign structures into a single, cohesive, and manageable campaign.

User-Generated Content Strategies

Parallelly, we introduced innovative UGC strategies, designed to enhance authenticity, engagement, and trust. We believed that by bringing the audience into the content creation process, we could elevate the relevance and impact of the content.

The Results

Doubled Purchase Rates

The transformation was evident. The streamlined Facebook campaign not only simplified management but amplified performance, leading to a doubling of purchase rates.

1.9x Increase in Click-Through Rate

UGC became a catalyst for engagement. The audience resonated with the authentic and relatable content, leading to a 1.9 times increase in CTR.

46% Surge in Treatment Requests

The ripple effect of enhanced engagement and trust was a significant 46% increase in treatment requests, marking a milestone in Ro’s journey to patient-centric excellence.

Key Stats to Highlight

  • 2x Purchase Rates: A testament to the streamlined and optimized Facebook campaign structure.
  • 1.9x CTR: Achieved through the integration of innovative UGC strategies.
  • 46% Increase in Treatment Requests: Indicating enhanced trust and engagement.

In Conclusion

Ro’s transformation is a narrative of strategic innovation, where insights, technology, and patient-centricity converge. Sora Media’s result-driven market positioning strategy was instrumental in turning performance variability into consistent growth, and complex structures into streamlined, efficient campaigns. Ro now stands not just as a provider of telehealth but as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in amplifying patient engagement, trust, and accessibility.

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surge in purchases with 17% increase in budget
lower average CPA comparing Month 4 to Month 1
ROAS uptick while scaling ad spend 10x over half year
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