Dolls Kills

Dolls Kill: A Journey from Ambitious Goals to Unprecedented Growth

Introducing Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is a brand that epitomizes edgy, bold, and avant-garde fashion. Born from a desire to break the norms and redefine style, Dolls Kill has always been a brand for the rebellious, the audacious, and the unapologetically bold. With a diverse array of fashion that transcends the ordinary, Dolls Kill has carved a unique niche, becoming a haven for those who view fashion as a form of self-expression and rebellion against the mainstream.

Yet, every brand, no matter how iconic, faces challenges and opportunities for growth. For Dolls Kill, the ambition was clear - to double their annual revenue within a year. It was a goal as bold as their fashion statements, and it required a strategy that was equally innovative and daring.

The Challenge

Ambitious Revenue Goals

Dolls Kill was on a mission to not just grow, but to double their annual revenue. This required a comprehensive overhaul of their marketing strategies, targeting, and user experience.

Enhancing User Journeys

The existing user journeys needed refinement to optimize the conversion paths and ensure that the brand effectively engaged and converted potential customers.

Our Approach


User Experience Analysis

We meticulously analyzed the existing user journeys, identifying areas of improvement and opportunities to enhance the user experience and conversion rates.

Marketing Strategy Audit

A thorough review of the existing marketing strategies, especially on platforms like Google Shopping and Facebook, was conducted to identify optimization opportunities.


Audience Insights

We delved into the analytics, uncovering untapped audience segments and developing strategies to engage and convert these new customer bases.

Performance Metrics

A deep dive into the existing performance metrics informed our strategy, highlighting areas for improvement and optimization.


Refining User Journeys

We implemented strategic changes to the user journeys, making them more intuitive, engaging, and conversion-friendly.

Enhancing Ad Strategies

Our team optimized Google Shopping and Facebook DPA strategies, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance targeting and performance.

The Results

165% Revenue Growth in 7 Months

Our strategic interventions and optimizations led to a remarkable surge in revenue, far exceeding the initial targets.

21% ROAS Boost on Facebook

With refined targeting and enhanced DPA strategies, the return on ad spend on Facebook saw a significant uplift.

Doubling of Annual Revenue

Dolls Kill not only met their ambitious goal but did so in a manner that sets the stage for sustainable, long-term growth.

Key Stats to Highlight

  • 165% Revenue Growth: Achieved through refined user journeys and optimized ad strategies.
  • 21% ROAS Boost: Realized on Facebook through enhanced DPA strategies and targeting.
  • Doubled Annual Revenue: Meeting and exceeding the ambitious growth targets set by Dolls Kill.

In Conclusion

The journey of Dolls Kill, from setting a bold revenue target to achieving and exceeding it, is a testament to the power of strategic, result-driven market positioning. Sora Media’s tailored approach, combining deep insights, strategic excellence, and creative innovation, turned ambitious goals into tangible results. The brand not only witnessed exponential growth but also laid a robust foundation for future expansions and success.

surge in purchases with 17% increase in budget
lower average CPA comparing Month 4 to Month 1
ROAS uptick while scaling ad spend 10x over half year
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