SoSecure by ADT

SOSecure by ADT: A Case Study in Expanding Reach and Improving KPIs with Result-Driven Market Positioning


SOSecure by ADT, a renowned name in the security solutions industry, faced a significant challenge. Their marketing strategies were heavily reliant on promotional messaging, which, although effective to an extent, limited their reach and potential to tap into new audience segments. The need for a transformative approach was evident, and this is where Sora Media stepped in, armed with a result-driven market positioning strategy.

The Challenge

Limited Audience Reach

SOSecure by ADT had established a strong foothold in their existing market but struggled to penetrate new audience segments. The over-reliance on promotional messaging was a double-edged sword—it drove conversions but also restricted the brand’s appeal.

Inefficient Cost Per Acquisition

The existing marketing strategy, though robust, was not cost-effective. The CPA was high, indicating a need for a more efficient, targeted approach to reach potential customers.

Our Approach


Customer Insights

We dived deep into social/comment analysis, review analysis, and CS/sales insights to understand the existing and potential customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points.

Creative Audit

An exhaustive review of historic ads and USPs was conducted to identify the gaps and opportunities for enhancing the creative assets and messaging.


Why People Convert

We explored the USPs, competitive differentiators, and key behavioral triggers to understand the conversion pathways and optimize them.

Audience Research

A comprehensive analysis of motivators, intent signals, and user experience unveiled new core audience targeting opportunities.


Build Roadmap

Collaborative brainstorming sessions led to the development of a creative testing matrix and defined channels, audiences, and offer strategy.

Extract Learnings

Result reporting and identification of top-performing offers and creative formats informed the iterative process for ongoing improvements.

The Results

+32% Increase in Click-Through Rate

Our refined messaging and creative tests, rooted in deep customer insights, led to a significant uplift in engagement and interactions.

-37% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

By capitalizing on new core audience targeting opportunities, we optimized ad spend, leading to a substantial reduction in CPA.

Expanding into New Audience Segments

The result-driven market positioning strategy unveiled and capitalized on untapped audiences, driving brand expansion and market share growth.

Key Stats to Highlight

  • +32% CTR: Enhanced engagement through refined messaging and creative strategies.
  • -37% CPA: Optimized ad spend with targeted audience segmentation and personalized content.
  • Diversified Audience Base: Successfully penetrated new market segments, reducing reliance on promotional messaging.

In Conclusion

The transformation of SOSecure by ADT’s marketing strategy, spearheaded by Sora Media, underscores the power of a result-driven market positioning approach. By aligning customer insights, creative assets, and messaging with the identified opportunities, we not only improved the core KPIs but also set the stage for sustainable, scalable growth. The journey from being confined by promotional messaging to exploring and conquering new horizons exemplifies the adaptability and forward-thinking approach of both SOSecure by ADT and Sora Media.

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surge in purchases with 17% increase in budget
lower average CPA comparing Month 4 to Month 1
ROAS uptick while scaling ad spend 10x over half year
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