Introducing Ro

Ro, a pioneering force in the telehealth industry, is renowned for its innovative, patient-centric approach to healthcare. While the brand has made significant strides in offering accessible and personalized healthcare solutions, it harbored an ambitious vision of exponential growth. However, this vision was tethered to a stringent requirement - maintaining a 100% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), a reflection of the prudent financial strategy characteristic of a bootstrapped startup.

The Challenge

Balancing Growth and Efficiency

Ro’s aspiration to amplify its growth was counterbalanced by the necessity to ensure financial efficiency. Every dollar spent on advertising needed to generate a dollar in return, including covering the agency fee. This delicate balance between aggressive expansion and financial prudence was the central challenge.

Scaling Facebook Ad Expenditure

The brand sought to significantly increase its Facebook ad spend, a move that required meticulous planning, testing, and optimization to ensure that the increased expenditure translated into proportional or enhanced returns.

Our Approach


Financial Efficiency Analysis

We initiated a comprehensive evaluation of Ro’s ad spend efficiency. Every campaign, creative, and audience segment was scrutinized to assess its contribution to ROAS.

Growth Potential Assessment

Parallelly, we evaluated the brand’s growth potential, identifying opportunities and strategies to scale ad expenditure while maintaining or enhancing ROAS.


Audience and Creative Insights

A deep dive into audience engagement metrics and creative performance provided insights into optimizing ad content and targeting for maximum returns.

ROAS Patterns Analysis

We meticulously analyzed ROAS patterns, identifying correlations between ad spend, creative strategies, audience targeting, and returns.


Rigorous Testing

Our strategy centered on rigorous audience and creative testing. Every potential ad content and audience segment was tested for efficiency and impact.

ASA Account Launch

We successfully launched the ASA account, implementing strategies to ensure that it not only contributed to growth but also adhered to the stipulated ROAS requirements.

The Results

10x Increase in Facebook Expenditure

Our rigorous testing and optimization strategies facilitated a tenfold increase in Facebook ad spend, each dollar meticulously accounted for in terms of returns.

Lifetime ROAS of 190%

Contrary to the stipulated 100% ROAS requirement, our efforts culminated in a lifetime ROAS of 190%, a testament to the efficiency and impact of our strategies.

ASA Account with 150% ROAS

The ASA account was not just successfully launched but exceeded expectations, delivering an ROAS exceeding 150%, contributing to both growth and financial efficiency.

Key Stats to Highlight

  • 10x Facebook Expenditure: Achieved through rigorous testing and optimization.
  • 190% Lifetime ROAS: Exceeding the stipulated requirement and reflecting the efficiency of our strategies.
  • 150% ROAS on ASA Account: Marking the successful launch and performance of a new advertising avenue.

In Conclusion

Ro’s journey is a narrative of harmonizing ambitious growth with financial prudence. Sora Media’s strategic approach, rooted in result-driven market positioning, turned a stringent ROAS requirement into an opportunity for enhanced efficiency and exponential growth. Ro now exemplifies the synergy of financial efficiency and aggressive expansion, setting a benchmark in the telehealth industry.

Ready to Harmonize Growth and Efficiency?

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surge in purchases with 17% increase in budget
lower average CPA comparing Month 4 to Month 1
ROAS uptick while scaling ad spend 10x over half year
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