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Doe Lashes, a rising star in the beauty industry, was initiated in 2020 by entrepreneur Jason Wong. The brand swiftly made its mark by emphasizing comfort and sustainability while delivering high-quality, handmade Korean silk fiber lashes. With an innovative approach, Doe Lashes expanded into a comprehensive eye brand and embraced the digital era by integrating machine learning to enhance the shopping experience. However, a snag in their advertising strategy was hindering growth. Their previous agency's efforts only led to a 0.7x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), a metric far below the industry standard, considering the brand's digital-first approach and burgeoning market presence.


Background on Doe Lashes and its Challenges with the Previous Agency

Doe Lashes faced a conundrum - scaling advertising spend while ensuring a solid ROAS. The brand's previous partnership didn't yield the desired ROAS, impeding their ambition to broaden market share and fortify the brand's online presence.

Issues with Low ROAS and the Need for Scaling Ad Spend

The subpar 0.7x ROAS was a clear indicator that the advertising strategy needed a revamp. The challenge was twofold: escalate advertising spend to fuel growth while enhancing ROAS to ensure cost-effectiveness and profitability.


Our strategic approach at Sora Media was holistic, driven by a profound understanding of the market dynamics and customer behaviors affecting Doe Lashes. Here's a breakdown of the steps taken:

Audit: Uncovering the Bottlenecks

  • Customer Insights: Delved into social/comment analysis, review analysis, and examined CS/Sales Insights, demographics & trends, known audiences & ICPs to understand the brand perception and customer preferences.
  • Creative Audit: Conducted a thorough evaluation of historical ad performances and existing creative assets to identify the gaps.
  • Brand Voice: Assessed the copy tone, style guides, and IP/Legal considerations to ensure alignment with the brand's ethos.

Analyze: Understanding Conversion Dynamics

  • Why People Convert: Explored USPs, competitive differentiators, key value props, behavioral triggers, and psychographics to understand what drives conversions for Doe Lashes.
  • Audience Research: Conducted an in-depth analysis to unveil motivators & intent signals, competitor & market positioning, and analyzed the user experience & journey to develop a comprehensive understanding of the target audience.

Ideate: Building a Robust Roadmap

  • Build Roadmap: Collaboratively brainstormed and refined ideas, developed a creative testing matrix, defined channels and audiences, built a solid offer strategy, and set forth a clear set of success KPIs.
  • Extract Learnings: Engaged in result reporting, identified top-performing offers & creative formats, refined hypotheses, and initiated iterative processes for ongoing improvements and learnings.

Conducting a Deep Audit to Identify Low-Performing Audiences

An exhaustive audit was the cornerstone of our strategy. We pruned low-yielding audiences based on the insights garnered from the initial audit phase.

Revamping Ad Creative

We revitalized the ad creative by refining ad creative to resonate with the brand's ethos and the target audience's preferences.

Collaborating with the Internal Team to Optimize Assets

A collaborative endeavor with Doe's internal creative team was initiated to optimize new assets for channel performance. This synergy led to the development of compelling messaging and creative tests to boost performance.


🚀 A Remarkable 20x Surge in Purchases

📈 A Significant 46% Increase in Average Click Through Rate (CTR)

🛒 A 55% Lowered Cost Per Add to Cart (CPTAC)

surge in purchases with 17% increase in budget
lower average CPA comparing Month 4 to Month 1
ROAS uptick while scaling ad spend 10x over half year
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